Learn to ask Product Manager skills

spent a month’s time to read, today, paste their own reading notes, but also their own summary of the book. In the process of Internet product manager work, learn to ask questions, is undoubtedly of great benefit. Of course, this is not only the product manager, for operations, business, and even the development of the same applies.


‘s critical thinking is a basic practice of rational thinking. In reading, more and more feel the lack of domestic in this regard. Combined with the work of their product manager, there are some thinking.

in fact, most of us have experienced a lack of education really this piece. Even after work, this part of the system has not been fully studied. (I’m talking about myself) ~

Three aspects of

critical thinking:

is a set of interrelated and connected problem consciousness;

ability to present and answer critical questions appropriately;

a strong desire to take advantage of key issues proactively.

"sponge" and "gold rush" thinking: sponge, absorbing knowledge, relatively passive; gold, screening, knowledge interaction, questioning attitude; two kinds of thinking to the unity of opposites in the application, we seem to have only been taught before a primary school teacher said, "like a sponge absorbing water. Thirst for knowledge" and so on.

school only teaches us to answer the question with the correct answer, but there are more questions in the life, but only the feasible solution and the optimal solution…… Then……" Exist in the form of. Complex problems can not be dominant, can only rely on the accumulation of experience transfer.

before deciding to evaluate a question, ask yourself, "what’s the matter with me?"

The structure of

critical issues:

what are the topics and conclusions?

what is the reason?

what are the meanings of those words?

what are the values and the assumptions of

?Is there any fallacy in the

reasoning process

What is the effectiveness of


Is there any alternative to


data is not deceptive?

What important information has been omitted from


can draw reasonable conclusions?

when you have a more specific goal, your problems will be better.


to have critical thinking, we must start with the topic and conclusions. If you can not find the author or speaker’s conclusion, you will misinterpret someone’s intentions, this response is also irrelevant answer.

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