Website promotion method a lot of speculation

misunderstanding, misunderstanding.

Many of us have misunderstood

speculation, that speculation is xiaqihong is to deceive others, in fact, it is not. It is not the essence of these content. Everything has two sides, such as everyone who needs to praise, but why do some people praise very welcome, and some are disgusting? This is the problem of the two sides. Super girl, Han Han and Yu Qiuyu are not speculation people across the country have a good, the same, Sister Lotus and February girl wasn’t fired to give off an unbearable stink?

I found that the hype can be said to be the most important marketing weapons, personal webmaster to use properly, it can greatly enhance the visibility of the site, while taking a lot of traffic. Here on the hype I give an example of how to promote the site Hype:

example: and

in Chinese eyes far less than, the reason I don’t think I have to say that a few days of rainbow QQ were IP things because many know that QQ raise a Babel of criticism of, this is also aware of in this process, I do not know who first launched, but I think this is a speculation, speculation in the process of and QQ, lively, with a series of charges, ha ha, you see the benefits of speculation? What, against


I give some of the hype in the process of website promotion, I hope you can help:

, the most important is the hype hot, especially the entertainment events, for example, the report says that Hilary and Clinton want to break up, this is a popular thing, for some entertainment sites, seize this event, to construct some soft Wen, in each big website, forum some, I believe you bring to the site traffic is not to ten digits for units of measurement.

article first wrote here, there are time to write, the old saying, the first promotion to learn times A5.

to promote cooperation in learning the official launch of the program, there is hope that the cooperation can contact. Contact official website has.

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