Analysis of Huang Taiji pattern whether it can be copied

analysis of Huang Taiji pattern, whether can copy

Huang Taiji’s success tells two things:

1, our traditional catering industry does not rely on the geographical position, also do not need to like "Wang Pu" the golden rule.

2, a really good marketing, money does not matter

we talk about marketing marketing, in fact, marketing is not marketing, marketing services. You do have the characteristics of the service, the service that is marketing, marketing as a service, if you have a problem with the service itself, your marketing is not sustainable.

saw Huang Taiji of micro-blog, has seen many successful reports how to write Huang Taiji, many of the details are displayed, Huang Taiji is to do service in the heart, the heart good service to every customer, not the guest as consumers, but the pursuit of our guests as the user, the Internet now often say the user experience.

is the most famous is the first shop in front of Huang Taiji is not allowed to stop, in this case he made three parking Raiders:

first tell you where to park

second open the trunk open fan (Qiaotun magic, lightning God eyes)

third if you’re really unlucky, you really got a kick off at the end of the day.

a lot of friends to be posted on the ticket or deducted points, there will be some bad customer experience, was fined after this behavior reward you with a pumpkin pie is actually want to have some unhappy experience users encounter in the shop, hope to do our sincerity to get better user experience.

parking Raiders in others seems to be completely unnecessary to do one thing, but Huang Taiji did, is to do a better than the service user experience.

to attract the eye of the spread of the beauty of the owner of the mother, Mercedes Benz to send pancakes to take away, but also did a number of interesting activities, very often, to strengthen and user interaction

the Qixi Festival: "kiss", to the shop kiss, send pancakes

Deluxe Edition

in the Mid Autumn Festival: "Salted Duck Egg" to "idle pressure light" buy 5 send yourself a duck’s egg duck’s egg, said zero relaxed attitude, don’t give yourself pressure in life.

Obama re-election: chocolate soy milk half price, because Obama’s skin is chocolate

the day: buy a Deep-Fried Dough Sticks send a

the last round of the Premier League, the fans wear Manchester United Jersey to eat pancakes to send a pancake, and so many.

Huang Taiji brand gene has 3 kinds (curiosity, positive energy, action)

This shop is

Huang Taiji brothers do together, often show some person’s real life, real let them see that we are 80, we are entrepreneurs, we also have pressure, we are struggling, I >

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