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[Abstract] similar to Google brothers venture capital, Google capital has said that its investment decisions based entirely on the rate of return.

Re/code Chinese station on December 21st reported

startups Gusto hope to help enterprises realize the management of compensation and benefits. Recently, the company plans to assess the entire payment system, and this system is a key part of the company’s business, will deal with $20 billion per year transaction flow. To seek help, the company found the latest investor Google (micro-blog) capital.

Google capital will then look at Google. Google capital found responsible for Google payment software architecture engineer, took him to the front of the Gusto executives. Edward, chief technology officer at ·, Gusto (Edward), said: they have been authorized to help us find the right candidate in Google, to solve our problems. In addition to money, they bring more things."

Google capital was founded only 2 years time, the investment target is $300 million a year, while the partners including David · Ravi (David Lawee), Laila ·, Teddy (Laela Sturdy); Gretchen, · Howard (Gretchen Howard) and · gene (Gene Frantz); Eph lentz.

as a result of Google capital can give priority to access to internal resources Google, so compared with other venture capital investment institutions, young entrepreneurs are more willing to accept Google’s capital investment. Similar to Google brothers venture capital, Google capital has said that its investment decisions based entirely on the rate of return, does not consider Google’s strategic cooperation factors.

, however, Google capital to ensure that the return on investment is an important way to bring the experience of Google free startups. Investment companies can get advice from all aspects of Google, whether it is marketing, public relations, or engineering development. When Gusto needed to recruit the first data scientist, Google’s a data scientist responsible for the interview.

so, even if some other investment institutions can make a higher check, but Google venture capital companies can provide a full range of help.

Jonathan, President of

·, Thumbtack (Jonathan Swanson), said: "usually, the lower the investment stage of investors, their participation in the operation of the company less. But Google capital, the situation is just the opposite. They are still willing to invest in the company to help us develop our company."

August 2014, Google capital invested $100 million D round of financing Thumbtack, the latter’s business is a domestic service platform. Google capital has invested 19 companies, but did not disclose each transaction >

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