Anhui local government website hackers horse into advertising

recently have friends broke the news, in a letter to the Anhui province Huaibei city Lieshan district government website was found such as weight loss, in addition to acne and other small advertising links, and the open letter issued has been more than half the time. The site responsible person confirmed to reporters, the website was hacked, "horse"; the government office staff said, had similar encounters occur frequently, but subject to manpower, funding problems, the current processing method can only be found after the timely removal.

June 9th, netizen lhlxls in the Forum Post said, Anhui, Huaibei, Lieshan district government website actually have weight loss advertising, he retained the relevant web page screenshots and links.

yesterday afternoon, reporters on the government website to see the page on the left side of the public announcement column in a story titled "to the broad masses of a letter" message, click after entering is a composition of about 1000 words, signed "open letter to the Lieshan District People’s government", the content is called the public supervision of illegal construction problems.

However, the supervision of telephone

published in the open letter at the end after a long series of ads are embedded in them, are "L-carnitine useful", "× × net; summer new women" and "the most effective julep products" and "how to effectively remove the blackhead" 4 links in the form of text ads and you can click to enter the corresponding product page.

it is worth noting that the release of the government’s open letter is November 6, 2010, when it was embedded in the advertising is unknown.

According to the

website under the information display, technical support website is a company called "Tianyi technology" of the Internet Co. The day before yesterday afternoon, the reporter in accordance with the above phone to find the boss of the company Mr. huang.

"must be" horse "." Mr Wong said that a similar situation had also occasionally occur, the site is leased server, and shared with other sites, there are certain risks in the security aspect, such as "horse" can only "timely detection, timely removal".

According to the

claiming to be a better understanding of the hacker’s owner, hackers of the general purpose to improve the advertising website traffic, means is to use the target site vulnerability to attack, after embedded advertising links. "This is a very high level of access to government websites." He said.

yesterday afternoon, the reporter called the office of the people’s Government of Lieshan District, Huaibei. Mr. Wang was informed of the situation after the other staff, only to manually delete the weight loss ads. He told reporters that the site had repeatedly encountered similar harassment, but subject to the site to be pestered beyond endurance, lack of funds, limited manpower and other difficulties, they can only act as a "fireman" role. According to Mr. Wang, the site is currently only one person responsible for his maintenance, and he has many other work.

according to the reporter, the government website encounters "hang a horse" is not the case, similar to the "black" through the government website profit behavior constituted.

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