WeChat released Saas products to see the break and Growth Logic

When the

Tencent released a new product when the entire industry will shake three shake, especially the same business competitive heart will inevitably get nervous, not to mention the new product name with WeChat word two, representing the product from Tencent wide research WeChat group. Up to now, a total of Tencent launched a total of four products, in accordance with the release of the time sequence is QQ mailbox, WeChat, WeChat, WeChat.

this time, WeChat is targeting the enterprise services market, online long "enterprise" WeChat has finally come, although the surging momentum appears in the shirasaki, this is more like a defensive battle.

look at the latest version of the WeChat enterprise screenshot:

web home

chat interface

chat information


personal interface

1 why Tencent to launch WeChat


why is a defense? Ali in 2015 Q4 earnings report mentioned in the nail has accumulated 1 million business users, although the data may be false, but it is in the best social Tencent cut a small hole, even if only work on communication. As everyone knows, Ali made many attempts in the past two years around social in this direction, from primary to imitate the "mix" was used to defeat, business communication and collaboration areas to cut the way to "nail", the Tencent is more or less some fear.

The direction of

nail is consistent with the theory of niche market, which temporarily abandon the rush areas of the Red Sea, aimed at those giant ignored segments or the edge of a niche market entry, find their own unique positioning of the gap, with the ultimate product experience to impress users, concentrate on a leader, and ultimately build their own barriers and form the lasting competitive advantage. From the current point of view, the nail is indeed a success, the point is not to win the success of WeChat’s social relations chain, but also opened up a battlefield, namely, the work of communication segments. This kind of strategic thinking rather like when the cheetah mobile security field 360 counter attack play, I beat you, for a clean-up and get massive users and then back to the domestic market, I beat you, I went to the king to the overseas market.

The positioning theory of

and agree without prior without previous consultation in marketing, the user’s mental occupation is not a day for two days. WeChat Slogan WeChat, is a way of life ", the response is" nail nails, is a way of working, a pair of lovers so antithesis neat, give people a feeling of the designated River and rule. Life in the field of social to you, I can’t get down, but from now on the work of the field of social collaboration, is my site.

and nail the success of the Tencent to thorn in the side, WeChat has been committed to "connect everything", while a huge area of the user’s mental are other occupation, if you do not follow up, will lose part of the market, the formation of hidden dangers for the future. >

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