The game domain name yxw com was traced to 450 thousand yuan was seckill

renamed Chinese ( February 11th – the 3 letter domain name recently frequent transactions: domain name investors Benz watermelon acquisition "micro plastic" domain name, the value of six digits; "game" domain name from to 450 thousand yuan price by investors to Sister Li seckill; 3 letters.Com domain name investment, the acquisition of investors to buy; otherwise


domain name, in addition to the translation of micro plastic, but also translated into the evening study, Joey Wong, philology and so on, a lot of choice in the site. Nowadays micro plastic is a hot topic, and the domain name domain name, such as the meaning of the domain name, the market is still bullish.


domain name, "game" and "knowledge", "Yi Xun network" meaning, "after the game" domain name is to do the purchasing price, therefore, the domain name does not sell 450 thousand yuan unexpectedly, contrary to expectation "game", and "easy fast network" have the meaning of value the day after, the price is naturally rising.

focus on the CN domain name investors Li Mei, recently invested 3 letter.Com recently acquired the domain name, the domain name, the domain name "vouchers", "movie", "movies" and other means, suitable to build film class, business class website.

investment exposes the acquisition of, the domain name is "old", is said to have talked for several months, the price has exceeded the budget, but the domain name is love, also the old website construction plan.

3 letter domain name prices recently some gains, but the 3 initial price than the 3 letter domain price with the final higher node shot domain and domain in overseas as before, the difference reached more than 10 times.

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