Ke Jia corporate blog marketing with two employees to write blog

a few days ago to share with you a clever corporate blog written by blog marketing one of the boss, this article get good recognition, continue today and discuss our blog in enterprise marketing another use — to encourage employees to write a blog, blog companies encourage employees through their mouth. The enterprise of humanity and the warmth of the side out, the content may be around the enterprise life, culture to write, such as work bit by bit, so you can from another perspective display of corporate culture and values, in addition to corporate employees to create Hot Blog, which can promote the corporate brand and reputation, establish a corporate image.

In the eyes of Wall Street analysts, who is the best person in Microsoft credit? Gates? No, at the critical moment, they believe the most is a call of the name of Robert, Ballmer. Scoble (Robert). Robert. Si Kaobai won the trust is the weapon of Wall Street? Is his blog (blog). More than 4 thousand web logs and more than 1 thousand websites link to his blog, tens of thousands of people subscribe to his blog. Look at him the whole circle of right and wrong tech talk with eloquence, but the most important thing is to listen to him in the Microsoft empire in the corner of the story and comment on the pros and cons of Microsoft. He even discussed how to split Microsoft Corp in its Web log. It is this kind of justice and fearless attitude to establish his personal credibility.

when the outside world lost faith in Microsoft, Robert. Let everyone know Microsoft skoubo. It is predicted that the Si Kaobai blog to publicity Microsoft brings value at least millions of dollars. In the following blog Scoble, employees to the company product promotion: "establishing personal blog, can let the company in the global platform with users to share ideas and information, for the development and improvement of products, has a very important role."

when asked from the company’s perspective, how to make the blog function, Scoble said: "an influential blog should share information and readers, and it must be unique and true. Presidential candidates in the United States also have their own blogs, but these blogs are commissioned by their Advisory Committee to write, it is difficult to express the true meaning of the candidates and ideas, so the effect is very general."

he thinks the company if you want to use the blog to promote it, we must first make the reader aware of this blog from the real person and transfer is valuable information, then you can transfer the information out of their products. Even so, the reliability and authenticity of information is fundamental. Second, blogs also need to really reflect the opinions of others, even if they identify your company and products. When the reader realizes that you are listening to them, the harsh sounds will disappear.

"my blog has such a big influence, and my colleagues and leadership support is inseparable. My colleagues, including the chief executive, are all my blogs

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