A live second shot parent company announced the completion of the E round of 500 million financing


technology news November 21st afternoon, the second shot, small coffee show, a live three products about science and technology in the parent company this afternoon announced the completion of $500 million E round of financing, led by Sina micro-blog, Shanghai radio station, Shanghai radio and Television Culture Group Limited company joint venture industrial investment fund.

technology CEO Han Kun said at the scene, Sina micro-blog started from the B round of investment in 2013, has four consecutive round lead investor about science and technology, in-depth and comprehensive cooperation between the two sides in a short video and mobile broadcast field, together to create a mobile short video field the maximum strength of ecological community ", become one of the reasons this year micro-blog shares outbreak. Sina chairman and CEO Cao Guowei has publicly said: Sina micro-blog will continue to provide funding for the development of science and technology."

data show that the technology was founded in August 2011, is a mobile short video entertainment Chinese leading mobile video sharing applications and technology service providers, owns "seconds" and "small coffee show" and "broadcast" three video products. Get Morningside venture angel investment in January 1, 2012; in 2012 won the red dot ventures brought millions of dollars A round of investment; 2013 completed B $25 million round of financing, lead investor in Sina, red dot ventures, Morningside venture capital investment; in 2014, the science and technology again to complete the $50 million C round of financing, led by Kai Penghua Ying, Sina, red dot ventures, StarVC with the cast.

in November last year, once again announced the science and technology, completed by Sina micro-blog lead investment, Sequoia Capital, South Korea YG entertainment with investment of $200 million D round of financing. In November 24th last year to complete the D round of $two hundred million financing, and with sina micro-blog jointly launched a live.

according to the data released by the current technology, the second shot and small coffee show of the day to play the amount of peak value has exceeded 2 billion 500 million times the average daily upload volume exceeded 1 million 500 thousand, such as covering more than 70 million users, a year on the line a live daily coverage of the whole network is currently the number of users over ten million. Among them, the second shot, the daily amount of video uploaded more than 1 million days, playing time reached 510 million times; and "small coffee show" products, is the second half of this year one of the explosive products, at present, daily active users has exceeded 5 million mark. (Zhou Xuedie)

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