The development and promotion of an industry website

Why should I choose

industry website, very simple professional enough, although the heat content is not much, little traffic, but really a lot of money, but Baidu is also very care below I give everybody to tell how to do an industry website. On the road to network enterprise e-commerce platform of my own, focus on the development of the e-commerce of enterprise as the main line of

1: choose what you want to do business, such as you do the steel you can do about a steel industry B2B station, also can do a mainly in the article information station, you don’t really care about what type of care you do what the industry.

2: generally this type of station, the content is very good collection, so also have to modify the acquisition way of making web content, indeed many industry website content repetition rate is not too high, so slightly modified Baidu is taken care of.

3: on the promotion, how to do SEO, do this station do not put your keywords added too hot, because you are doing but others team, so when selecting the website main keywords, you can choose some strange, even no flow of words, then you will say how to flow, it is simple long tail keywords, actually a lot of industry websites are the long tail keywords to flow, industry is a very bad hair of the chain, then I do not, I buy now! In fact, the chain is cheap to buy, buy area in the Admin5 link can buy a lot of quality and cheap links every day, buy two, do not act with undue haste, don’t buy black chain. Three months time you go to see your included can account for the content on your site 80%. The more traffic, the more we should know.

4: industry how to make money? Two words, Fudge! Why, in general, an industry station primary forming period should be 3-6 months, you have to do in this period is to solve the problems included and the user experience of the website, until the basic shape you can go to buy traffic, this time brush ranking, launch your advertising services, such as with our service, we will give you a self-help, and ensure access to much traffic every day, I believe this bought flow of the people know how to operate. Slowly more customers, traffic, and simply do not need to worry about the future.


industry is definitely bright future, the state vigorously against pornographic station, tort related sites, you have heard for a long time to hit the industry website, because he is normal, some people say the garbage station and normal station without distinction, I say no! The garbage station is spam, you may find you through the website to the customer, if there is no advertising, trash even the chances of survival are not, the regular station is not the same, even if you have only one IP you can also find you want to find customers and negotiate beyond the value of the site many times business. Good write here are interested in discussing the industry station friends can add my QQ:100711627

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