Taiyuan police busted a large pornographic websites 8 suspects arrested

Taiyuan City Public Security Bureau police detachment eleven on the eve of the successful end of an organized pornographic websites, arresting suspects 8 people.

black web site pornographic performances

from May this year, the Taiyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment received a report from the public: a community called love the video chat site pornographic performances. Police detachment net leaders aware of the seriousness of the problem, and held a special meeting to study and formulate the investigation plan, organize the deployment of police, to take a variety of technical means, through various channels, carries on the investigation to the site.

investigation, organize pornographic performances of the web server address in Hubei city of Yichang Province, the site is divided into 23 rooms, each room by a homeowner, one to two deputy homeowners and several artists. Enter the room system by the owner to provide bank account, the use of online banking direct remittance, game card recharge, Shenzhou phone card recharge, etc., for the transfer of members.

the police investigation found that the site through 24 hours of uninterrupted artistes pornographic performances, to ordinary members to buy VIP membership card, and can become a VIP artist on private wheat, dense wheat, one to one chat and watch pornographic performances. Members can buy cards, cards in the virtual currency U, can be used to buy flowers, perfume, presided over the hug and kiss aircraft, missiles and other gifts of love. Brush a certain number of U coins (at least 500 thousand U yuan, equivalent to RMB 250 yuan) will be eligible to require the owner to arrange a one to one video chat.

during the investigation, the site registered artistes 2040, registered members of more than 137 people, more than VIP level membership of nearly million people per day million visits, great harm to society.

MoGaoYiChe DaoGaoYiZhang

police investigation found that the site has a strong sense of criminal investigation. Apparently, the website is green video chat site, "no provisions were pornographic performances", in fact, private wheat dense wheat, one on one for pornographic performances as bait to consumer members on the site, consumption reaches a certain amount, the QQ of a nude video chat; its provisions "no point, no wearing transparent underwear on wheat, such as pornographic performances immediately titles", and in the closure of more than 800 ID, due to pornographic performances banned artists only 11 ID. The website "mingxiuzhandao, do one thing under cover of another" means the public security organs to evade punishment.

cracked the case, access to online real-time porn video evidence is the key. But because the network video chat image using real-time video encoding transmission, the client does not retain any artist Internet video information, unable to download pornographic performances, obtain evidence difficult.

police on the way, trying to use a variety of technical means of investigation, the implementation of 24 hours of uninterrupted monitoring, as far as possible to capture clues and traces.

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