Daily topic ban WeChat ban money to pay Jingdong want to do

station network (www.admin5.com) news August 30th, 26, the Jingdong released internal e-mail said: in order to protect information security company, all employees in the communication business, can only choose easecredit as the only mobile instant communication tools, not allowed to use mobile communication technology with other. Support easy letter ban WeChat, which is obviously the choice of Jingdong.

Mail said, Jingdong has 30 thousand employees and nearly 40 thousand cooperation partners, hundreds of millions of users, the daily trading volume of orders in the order of one million, every day carrying a large number of business information, these information are very important for their own Jingdong, customers, suppliers and sellers. Therefore, for better protection of the company, users and partners of information security, the release of the above provisions. Jingdong is not the first to WeChat release unfriendly signal electricity supplier, but it is the first public statement to support easy letter Internet companies. Launched in the NetEase and China Telecom group company the "easy" conference, Jingdong CMO blue ye also attended to show their support for Ding Lei.

WeChat may be due to the reasons for the exclusion of its electricity supplier to cut into the field of payment, the Department of Ali outside the Tencent, Jingdong two major threat to the electricity supplier ecology. In August 5th this year, the official launch of WeChat 5, WeChat payment and game center at the same time in the new version. Subsequently, Tencent’s fast and easy network access to the first WeChat payment. Easy fast data show that the day of the line, there are hundreds of single orders paid by WeChat completed. Among them, iOS mobile client WeChat payment orders accounted for 20% of the total amount of mobile phone terminal. It is reported that Tencent will also be launched in the near future under the circumstances of WeChat orders, payment and other closed-loop shopping. "Fast and easy in the price, logistics and other traditional areas of these Jingdong and shopping, mobile terminal competition has intensified." Internet expert Cao Yueping said, Jingdong ban WeChat behind, more of the fast and easy access to WeChat pay back.

Jingdong subsequently blocked Tencent’s three party payment platform to pay through. Choi Fu Tong is the company of Tencent, Jingdong and fortune through cooperation began in September 2007, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the payment of money to become one of the optional channels Jingdong payment. According to the third party data show, according to the amount of transactions to count, caifutong is the second largest payment service providers, share of about 20%, after the Alibaba owned by alipay. For Jingdong to stop the payment of money through rumors, Jingdong made an official reply today, said the cooperation between Jingdong and the payment of money will be completed in the near future and the smooth completion of the switch." At the same time, the Jingdong said, after only a few customers use caifutong, the switch will not use the caifutong account users, users can still use online banking and quick payment, credit card or cash payment offline payment orders.

blocked end WeChat blocked caifutong Jingdong really want? In this year the Jingdong open platform meeting, general manager of Jingdong business open platform Kui Ying.

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