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webmaster network (www.admin5.com) September 30th news, millet application store recently, Lenovo music store has to report the application of the user to be unloaded on the grounds of the shelves of 360 across the board products.


millet company said in a statement, the day before receiving a large number of users report, 360 mobile phone assistant recommends that users uninstall millet app store, Baidu maps and other mobile phone applications. This millet to make a comeback, millet application store shelves rectification of all 360 products, conduct security checks. Lenovo Group Vice President, general manager of research and development of the mobile terminal division Chen Wenhui confirmed Lenovo’s App Store – music store has been offline 360 full range of products, and make a statement on this. Chen Wenhui said that recently received a large number of user complaints Lenovo, Lenovo’s mobile phone is a built-in application of uninstall. In response to this situation, the group decided to be very careful to 360 companies across the board in the music store shelves. These products include 360 mobile security guards, mobile browser, such as 360.

it all comes from the 360 mobile phone assistant officially launched the "uninstall built-in software" product features to help users understand the existence of intelligent mobile phone’s built-in software, and help users to uninstall the uninstall button, do not want to keep the software. 360 is to say that, for a long time, some of the bad manufacturers in order to pursue commercial interests, a large number of pre installed software in the phone, or even dozens of dollars. These pre installed software is not only rarely used, but also takes up a lot of valuable resources of mobile phones, but even more hateful is that these software frequently push a variety of spam messages in the notification bar, seriously disturbing users. What is more, some even call the pre installed application and its function does not match the authority, steal private information, sneak flow. It can be said that the pre installed software is the mobile phone "psoriasis", the mobile Internet Era "rogue software"! A large number of users do not know how to Root mobile phone, do not know how to uninstall the mobile phone software, provide a strong demand of 360 removal of the "psoriasis" tool.

actually, on the phone built-in software, the relevant departments of the state has long been required. In June 2012, the Ministry has issued a notice explicitly requested "mobile phone production enterprises shall not be installed to the user and the express consent of the user, without calling terminal communication function, resulting in traffic consumption, cost loss of information leaked software." Today, driven by the huge gray business interests, tariff consumption, malicious chargeback, privacy theft, remote control"…… The dangers of pre installed software for mobile phones, has brought a huge threat to the majority of smartphone users tariff and information security.

industry experts said that this new feature 360 mobile phone assistant may offend various business interests, but the Internet Co only constrained their business impulse, in order to allow users to the mobile phone to make mobile Internet more clean, more healthy.

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