Failed to complete the real record verification 9 30 many sites began to be closed

Many owners have received notice of September

from space business: the access provider requirements before July all record of the domain name is the need to re submit website authenticity audit data, overdue submissions will be canceled, website access (commonly known as "the site shut down"), said the end of the current campaign second stage (September 30th) soon, according to the work requirements of the Ministry and relevant regulations, the following three situations: "website may be shut down without recordation, engaging in non operational Internet information services, or beyond the record of the project to provide services", "on the website did not record the domain name not be resolved (including jump)" and "domain name registration information untrue, inaccurate or incomplete".

I began to worry about their own website can record again by checking the

last night at the A5 forum also saw many webmaster talking about, some say don’t believe the rumors, tomorrow see; some said a lot of stations will be closed, don’t check the links, check the last night I station link station the other station, basically normal, and the website has the record number, but on the 30 day of 1:30 to check again Links that began the website was closed because of the record, found a similar cooperation space station has been taking off, the reason is probably not perfect good record information, open the website English information as follows:

This has been account suspended.

Either the has been overused, or the ran out of domain reseller resources.


tip: this account has been closed, may be a domain name or a space provider is false, refused access. English is not good, may mean a little different, the effect should be so. This shows that the site is not perfect because of the record information or a group of sites do not cooperate with the provision of real name verification materials will be shut down by the authorities concerned, and space providers have begun to close the site does not meet the requirements of the. In fact, many webmaster and not because they do not provide authentic materials, but the Ministry provided conditions for a lot of people are very difficult to accept, especially the remote site is to buy pictures, etc. to solve the above problems requiring really difficult. But things have happened, complaining has apparently no effect, taking a lot of space to remind the user if the site has been suspended access, many aspects of the proposed site operator and the holder of the domain name from the network access, website registration and domain name management examine their business is legal, compliance, and contact with relevant departments as soon as possible, for rectification, for an early return to normal access site.

although I don’t know what is the space business website, but it is certain that the space business has been from the beginning of 30 in the implementation of the second phase of the cleanup site ", which will not.

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