solated for a pat on the loan does not advance delinquent trap dilemma


[as the first domestic net loan platform, the loan Pat has a first mover advantage, but because of the personal independence of conduct does not advance the arrear "mode, and the dilemma of]

"For all

net loan platform, the risk of bad debts will never disappear, the risk of investors in the body, after the net loan platform promises to advance the single loan risk is artificially eliminated, where did he go? The accumulation body platform."

is the first domestic net loan platform pat loans could use its first mover advantage quickly behind the opponent. But now they seem to be in a dilemma.

was isolated pat loan

‘s first net loan platform pat loans just received Sequoia Capital Investment, which is in addition to the letter should be outside, net loan sector received the first well-known venture capital investment. Pat loan CEO Zhang Jun said it can not disclose the specific amount of investment, but the investment was significantly lower than the previous $25 million reported by the media.

is well-known venture capital Sequoia Capital Investment in the pat loans just came out, a pat on the loan does not seem to have passed the message "to boost the market, some investors still adhere to the" not what investment investment pat credit "principle.

ppdai has many aura – net loan company established the first domestic net loan industry; the number of active users is among the best in the net lending platform; founded by the domestic elite graduates from well-known venture capital investment. However, the current loan pat seems to fall into dilemma: trading platforms that miss the catch up from behind a pat on the loan, which directly leads to substantial revenue behind.

as the first establishment of the network lending platform, patted the loan originally has a huge advantage, logically speaking, should have a huge volume of transactions and many fans. But the present situation is, the monthly trading volume estimates of their pat loans for 50 million yuan, trading volume of third party data obtained by the crawl is about 15 million yuan per month, while several later than the establishment of a pat on the loan website current monthly volume of more than 100 million yuan.


was founded in 2007 and a pat on the loan should have first mover advantage did not appear in this volume? And an industry regulation is the net loan platform is to advance the arrear. At present, the net loan platform, in addition to pat the loan, almost all promise: if investors appear overdue borrowers, the website will advance principal and interest. In the net loan company in a pat on the loan is the only one not to advance principal and interest website.

in other words, if the net loan process compared to the purchase of financial products on the site, the majority of the sites are guaranteed products, while pat loans are non guaranteed products. And now the situation is that the non guaranteed products and guaranteed income products almost, it is not hard to understand why a large number of investors flocked to the net loan platform promise to advance.

At the beginning of the development of

net loan, in 2007 the first net loan platform pat loan was established, its founder is dedicated

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