Google to do housekeeping O2O new services or will connect domestic companies and users

          Beijing on April 8th news, according to "the Wall Street Journal online edition reported that Google is planning to launch a service, users and plumbers, electricians, and other domestic service providers roofers together.

The new

service is expected to be announced in May this year at the annual summit of Google advertisers, it is Google to complement the traditional "10 blue links" (ten blue links) search service and the introduction of the latest special search service. Google provides dedicated search results for flights, hotel rooms, products and the latest auto insurance quotes.

insiders said that home service providers can upload their schedules to Google. Search is registered in Google, make an appointment for the service.

Google’s new service is intended to be large, but increasingly fierce competition in the local service market. In addition, a local service provider Angie ‘List in 2011 is expected in, including pest control, reconstruction services, including the size of the local service market at $400 billion. Some industry experts said that the value of home maintenance and improvement of the market alone reached $250 billion.

, however, the local service market is still very fragmented. Because the service must be customized for each city or region, it is difficult for the service provider to profit. After testing in several markets, Amazon launched a national service last week, looking for service providers.

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