To expand the cross border export market these overseas warehouse enterprises actually Alliance

[Abstract] in 1871, the American railway companies and Oil Refinery Co are aligned in the name "south development company", the vigorous development of the oil refining industry to seize the market, in which the oil magnate Rockefeller has thus accumulated ability to dominate the American oil industry. In today’s society, through the alliance to snatch the market the drama continues to repeat itself, but this is not the oil refining industry, but the development of hot cross-border electricity supplier industry.


learned billion state power network, overseas warehouse Alliance launched by the Qianhai Quartet Chen Xianting has set up officially in 2016 the union alliance group, has been covering 42 enterprises, overseas warehouse has a total of 81 in 17 countries, overseas positions within the alliance mainly concentrated in Europe, the number of overseas positions in the United States, Germany, UK three has accounted for nearly 60% of the total number of union overseas positions.

it is worth noting that the union sellers are independent enterprises in cross-border export markets are fighting opponents. What are the opportunity to let them go to the sharing of allied overseas positions in the enterprise market? A large number of overseas positions will go to the union run in what form? The day before, overseas warehouse union leader Chen Xianting solved the mystery and challenge of the alliance in an internal speech.

The following is the finishing

billion state power network of Chen Xianting speech:

market melee is fierce

under the support of national policy, under the guidance of the platform, cross-border electricity supplier sellers gradually from C2C to B2C transformation, the seller in the localization and logistics to control put forward higher requirements, the conditions for overseas positions led to a rapid development opportunity.

but in this good overseas trading market environment, in addition to the existing overseas warehouse service providers, the major electricity supplier platform and big sellers also have to carry out overseas warehouse services, the whole market is fierce competition environment and melee, is not optimistic.

business platform, such as Amazon’s FBA service, has become a benchmark for warehousing and shipping business, only in the United States on the layout of more than and 100 warehouses, intelligence, information and processing capacity is very strong. At the same time, Amazon recently launched a dragon boat program, its logistics services from the warehouse once again extended to the seller’s door, including customs clearance and international logistics, etc.. In the future, if Amazon open its electricity supplier logistics services to other platform sellers, the overseas warehouse market competition situation can be imagined.

and Yitong million also rely on investors eBay platform advantage, Australia won the market share of more than 50% of the electricity supplier warehouse. At the same time, Ali also constantly optimize the investment of international logistics, Anna technology has begun to enter the overseas market positions. Ali shares in the post also launched cooperation with ALI warehousing services.

these in the platform "care" under the warehousing services business, has a great advantage of order flow, plus capital, talent >

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