2015 WeChat public number media value report

PPT recommends a dry cargo to you, a research report on the WeChat public number, a lot of interesting data is worth your attention.

WeChat’s per capita use is 7.8 times a day

75.2% users are concerned about a micro signal because the utility

69.3% users are concerned about a micro signal is in line with the interests of

57.8% people pay attention to a micro signal is due to the influence of friends, colleagues.

WeChat users concerned about the number of micro signals concentrated in about 6-15.

42% WeChat users read 5 or more WeChat articles per day, per capita of 6.

20% users look at the contents of the subscription list; 80% of users in the circle of friends to see the contents of

85% users to recommend their friends have been concerned about the micro signal.

for more details please read the following PPT……


























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