How to create interactive video live sea Amoy

on cross-border electricity beats, all kinds of "foreign" business is raging like a storm. Regardless of size, cross-border electricity supplier players are with their own dreams, hopes and vision in the development of a new world of their own. To this end, billion state power network launching a new column — "foreign business", aims to show the cross-border electricity supplier industry business boom, about growth trajectory and process all kinds of new enterprises.

with the sea Amoy market competition increasingly fierce, the "mother", "price war" and "flash purchase" has become almost synonymous with the cross-border electricity supplier, the global purchase CEO Zhang Zhendong thinks about, most of the current market and commodity circulation of cross-border electricity only to solve the problem, which is still the traditional electricity supplier product model now 90 girl has not eat "old business" of this……

CEO Zhang Zhendong

paramita global purchase

single channel electricity supplier has OUT

app but in July of this year officially launched, its attempts to use mobile video broadcast overseas shopping scene, guide domestic users watching live side shopping spree".

The difference of

products also let paramita became the capital sought after objects. According billion state power network understanding, in front of the line, but app in a month has received two dollars of investment totaling thirteen million yuan.

Zhang Zhendong believes that, in fact, the combination of live video and cross-border electricity supplier, just to meet the needs of a new generation of sea Amoy users two points:

first, interactive needs.

is currently the domestic electricity suppliers are mostly "single channel" business, namely only take pictures and video and other ways to educate consumers of product information, and in this way has been unable to meet the needs of 90 girls shopping, a new generation of sea Amoy users will need more sense of participation. While paramita is the first truly interactive business, between the anchor and users, and users can interact in real-time broadcast of the room, ask the price, product quality etc..

second, realistic demand.

live video from the electricity supplier about the users in the traditional electricity supplier on the passive acceptance of brand information pain points, to restore the true sense of shopping. In the video broadcast in the process of overseas commodity prices will shoot paramita anchor and selected goods overseas shopping scene in overseas store site, also invited brand representatives about the product concept and effect on the spot test, even with the use of user experience and views on the sales clerk. By these means, the user can truly know what the local young people really like to use what kind of products, rather than electricity supplier which is a good family.

, according to Zhang Zhendong, at present, every day at noon, about the afternoon and evening will provide up to fifteen to thirty minutes of video live flash purchase, each broadcast, paramita according to their own supply chain and sales ranking combination collocation, shelves around 5 discount goods to the user.

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