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Abstract: scholar cloud through technological innovation, from the software provider to the SaaS service provider, and then to the transformation mode of IaaS value-added integrators, for the traditional IT industry chain, is a very useful supplement.

Dickens, "Shuangcheng," there is a famous saying: "this is the best of times, this is the worst of times."

for most of the IT industry chain partners, today’s business is not good to do. It is said that, in addition to the market environment factors, another important reason is that cloud computing ghost". In fact, whether the traditional IT equipment distribution business, integrated business or traditional IT equipment, are facing the dilemma of insufficient demand, but on the contrary, all associated with cloud computing business, is becoming more and more prosperous, more and more high demand.

an example, even the original scholar group rely on independent data security technology, sitting on a lot of central enterprises, government, finance, military customer software company, now have to move the heart of cloud computing.

China’s cloud computing market is still a jungle market, in the initial stage, so some large institutional customers, are more focused on private cloud." The student group chairman and CEO Wang Donglin is a typical technology of male, without any background, entirely on its own technology, excellent products, assist the Department Chinese national security, against the CIA level attacks.


it is also because of this, the student’s customers across almost all central ministries and provincial governments, state-owned banks, the central enterprises suppliers; now, the student company to enter the field of cloud computing, but also has the only Chinese state secret Internet enterprise qualification.

data security cloud business opportunities

enterprise IT security is divided into 3 categories: network security, system security, data security, such as Venus mainly do 360 main network security, system security, data security and the scholar mainly." In Wang Donglin’s view, cloud computing security also includes network security, system security and data security, but today the domestic cloud computing company, not for data encryption, even Google also recently started to carry on the data encryption key, so in 2015 frequently burst data leak is not surprising.

a few days ago, Ali cloud launched the first joint South Tian can let the data in plaintext, ciphertext out cryptographic service. It is clear that the user’s data privacy and encryption on the cloud has become the focus of attention in the current security industry.

however, Ali cloud to cloud data encryption service is not released in Jiangnan Tian the first. In fact, as early as August of this year, the scholar quanyun is in its name in the United States Medical cloud division of SurMD, the world’s largest hacker summit DefCon launched the offbeat hacking challenge — quanyun scholar to the contestants provide server >

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