Three years is not broken billion liquor electricity supplier to tell some fantastic tales

recently, brewmaster network CEO Hao Hongfeng said in an interview, the brewmaster network in three years not only to achieve billion target, but also to become the largest wine e-commerce enterprises Chinese. Three years, breaking 10 billion, is considered by many experts to put the satellite, but I do not think so. Brewmaster three year break billion, up to be "Kite", where to put the satellite".

three years can not be broken brewmaster billions, is unknown, but electricity website three years breaking ten billion is promising. In the Internet era, everything is possible, three years is too long, there are too many variables, or "one Gongcheng telepresence brewmaster nets, and blight may now also to brewmaster network as the representative of the liquor electricity supplier website is to grab the" Cheng Yaojin "at all a hideous mess. As we discuss the health care industry’s "three line" and "the K", who could not have foreseen since there are a popular home "melatonin". No matter how people argue, it is undeniable that the fact that, like the Internet, love online shopping, as well as smart phones with young people in the world’s voice is growing, they will eventually become the master of the world. I love to drink, in 70s 60, the people seem to buy "Mao five sword" have their own channels, in 80s the social relation is shallow, but does not prevent them from buy real wine brewmaster net electricity supplier website, I have a little brother, bought a "Moutai" always asked me to give. Buy a map of fidelity. No longer looking for me, went straight to the brewmaster network".

I know, I have to admit that now most of the consumption of liquor is still from the store, it is undeniable that almost a little-known wineries are concerned about network marketing, including network sales, although many companies do not. In Shandong, Jingzhi, Gubeichun and other wine enterprises have settled brewmaster network, even me acting new world also have a lot of friends Wine and brewmaster network signed an agreement. I believe that these efforts are consistent with the trend of the times, constantly consolidate their base network sales, is in the "high wall, wide grain".

      talk so much, it is to illustrate the brewmaster network, do have the strength, the impact of ten billion within three years. I feel the brewmaster network Hao Hongfeng dare in this special period, overpromised, confidence comes from four points.

first, and brewmaster network cooperation liquor manufacturers more than and 200, including Moutai, Wuliangye, and other brands Guojiao Fen, also including a lot of annual sales of around 2 billion of the local brand. Because brewmaster network set purchase, logistics resources, and promote integrated business platform, is a large and comprehensive "electricity battleship", it is a super brand special dealer agent. As long as the liquor to recover again, brewmaster network also will be upgraded to "electricity carrier", it is really no longer distant target of billions.

secondly, the particularity of network sales, the network can affect the country, and even the whole world, which is a chain store can never be compared to >

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