Select the appropriate network marketing channels to do fire steel business

network era, network space, instant 10000 the myriads of changes. This determines the network sales rely on the establishment of a single sales channel is not enough to win. At present, the gradual increase in the number of steel trading network, the extensive development of network business is the trend of the times, how to make their own business online fire up?

the following suggestions for your reference.

1, the establishment of the company’s Web site: to establish their own website, a comprehensive display of corporate information, establish a good image of the enterprise, while the network as a retail terminal and interactive platform.

2, electronic trading platform: to join the professional electronic platform, such as Alibaba, China steel enterprises network, they have a concentrated industry resources, safe and convenient payment system and other advantages.

3, online advertising: online advertising marketing effect is obvious. In the influence of the industry network platform to promote advertising products or enterprises, improve visibility and bring orders.

4, forum, blog: in the industry forum to do propaganda, the establishment of enterprise blog on the industry website, display corporate culture, promote corporate image, while working as a platform for the exchange of employees.

5, instant communication: in their own website or a cooperation platform to open free calls, online consulting and other services to facilitate the ultimate benefit of customers is their own.

6, to participate in the network show: the traditional exhibition will be moved to the online network show, put less income.

7, online business yellow pages: join the website industry network company library, expand awareness.

8, search PPC: Companies in the search engine registration and product related keywords, will be looking for these products to find the potential customers.

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