2009 annual meeting of the Shaanxi nternet Champion held

Yulin hotline news November 14th, the long-awaited 2009 Shaanxi Internet webmaster conference and Internet new economic development forum held in the ancient city of Xi’an Hongbao Hotel


the meeting at the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Public Security Bureau Network Monitoring Corps, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Internet society, under the strong support, and achieved complete success! Due to heavy snow weather, airport, high-speed road closed, the train was late, many invited guests can not according to the scene, but everyone participating enthusiasm is still not reduced, drove some ten hours, some detour Trinidad rushed to Xi’an, the train was late afternoon to the venue of some aircraft. The meeting on the same day, the scene of the more than and 500 people in the guests ebullience speech, applause, everyone everywhere reflects rising passion.

it is worth mentioning that the president of Shaanxi Federation of Xi’an Internet search with the general manager of Mdt InfoTech Ltd, Yulin hotline webmaster Wang Feng in his welcome speech because the day before received more than and 500 calls, voice hoarse speechless, won warm applause from the audience; and because of the heavy fog weather aircraft to Chongqing, catch up with the time the last time in the general assembly to the laggards BBS CEO Dong Qinfeng (net of fish swimming, refused to let) every webmaster here has moved, applause echoed



sign on the scene, the staff is working in an orderly manner


, President of the Shaanxi Internet search alliance of Xi’an through the Mdt InfoTech Ltd chairman, Yulin hotline webmaster Wang Feng opening speech


meeting site, showing a lively scene everywhere


Black Hawk technology CEO Li Qiang (net of rice) speech won the applause of the presence of


love to gather, fast code network, Chongqing slipped site CEO, well-known personal webmaster Guo Jijun share personal experience for many years


draw interactive link


interactive session, Xi’an Siyuan University teachers and guests on the Internet to meet the needs of the new media environment for talent to further discuss


interactive links, experts and grassroots face to face, Q & a site emotional high


Beijing world senior BD manager Xiao Chuanlin Ntalke> to share with you

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