Teach you how to promote the website and public welfare undertakings

I remember very little had thought if everyone give me one yuan of money, the 1 billion 300 million people that I was a billionaire, perhaps thinking is very naive, because everyone can not understand me, can not let everyone. But today I want to be realized, because of the rapid development of the Internet makes a lot of Chinese gathered together to form a circle, especially recent sites like SNS there will be a large number of users gathered in a website, we can through some publicity so that every community people give me a piece of this is not my money, greed is only a idea of using the Internet can be realized, now I hope to use this method to help those who need help.

use this idea is not to ask everyone to come up with some of their own money to help others, but the integration of the current marketing strategy for people to gather money indirectly and help those who need help.

The main way of

is to carry out the operation with the help of the current mode of network cooperation and the game mode of community website.

university is working in the field of electronic commerce especially the B2C mall, are most familiar with the alliance of CPS model, this model is the most common and most mature, so continue to use this mode to basic ways of cooperation. The main target area of the e-commerce website is the community, so that the common user group gives the cooperation base of e-commerce website and community website. Since the base point to find that is what the two sides want, and more attention to the electricity supplier website and sales and brand, community sites with more attention to customer experience and degree of adhesion and brand factors. Based on these two considerations to determine the implementation of the spotlight program.

specific operation:

1, the development of the community web site component spotlight program, component functions: 1) effective online shopping guide platform. 2) members of the public fund accumulation account. 3) the connection between public welfare fund and salvage account. 4) rescue selection function.

2, the electronic commerce website with partners in the community website shopping guide platform, according to the CPS mode of cooperation with customers give community public welfare fund accumulation Commission website.

3, with aid agencies, the media or the national salvation fund and other cooperation, will be donated to charity.


customers (community members) order in the electronic commerce website through shopping guide platform, e-commerce website using CPS Cooperation Commission will be feedback to the community website, the community website will commission all or a part of operating expenses after the public account balance into the proceeds by each member of the public welfare fund account, not to mention now only donations. When you find that there is a need to help the information sent to the members of the members want to extend a helping hand, if more than the need for assistance to members to choose the function of relief. This will put many money together to become a big rescue fund.

advantages of this plan:

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