The domain name investment DotAsia new way of landing the Asian domain name registration

recently, the domain name management agency DotAsia officially launched.Asia international domain name, and the highest bid for the current.Asia English domain name to $112 thousand and 100 transaction. The industry believes that the localization and localization of the Internet domain name will become the future trend, and the domain name investment will be expected to become industrial products.

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DotAsia Agency recently announced that the international domain name (including numerous, Jian Zhongwen, Japanese and Han Wen) has been officially opened. At present, the.Asia English domain name registered users about 200 thousand or so, the application of the international domain name has more than 10 thousand copies. It is understood that the majority of multinational companies and international companies are also have multiple domain names, such as Honda automobile, ING group, NIKE, regional domain name registration in the protection of its own brand at the same time, can also facilitate the regional business promotion company.

in fact, compared with.Com and.Cn, the current.Asia visibility is low, the CEO of DotAsia DotAsia said on the clock, in addition to the use of registered business platform directly to the customer propaganda launch promotions, but also with the entertainment industry and charity business cooperation, such as the "Hongkong Film Awards" have registered a related.Asia domain name.

However, the

domain name registration is how to transform into an industry? According to Zhong Hongan, following the 2000 EU proposed.Eu domain is proposed after the Asian domain name also officially launched on 2006, at China market,.Asia domain of the retail price of about 100-150 yuan, with.Com and.Cn domain name prices were unchanged.

staging register domain name value

because the domain name registered investment value in the application,.Asia domain name registration, DotAsia proposed the sunrise period, landing phase and bidding registered three steps.

it is reported that the "sunrise period" refers to the.Asia domain name holder, can give priority to.Asia domain name registration. "Landrush" is consistent with the domain name registration for any qualified users can apply to any one does not have to be registered in the Bureau, or reserved for the sunrise phase has been successfully apply for the domain name during this period. And as a domain name was applied to many people at the same time, you can take the final bid to determine the ultimate attribution of the domain name, the lowest bid price of $10, and did not set the maximum limit.

said DotAsia, currently accepted.Asia international domain name registration and landing still appeared the highest bid, sold $112 thousand and 100. Zhong Hongan said that the introduction of step by step registration mode for the investment value of the Asian domain name can play a protective role in the protection of registered brands from infringement. However, he further pointed out that the domain name investment is like real estate, first come first served, there is insight into the road to winning

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