The business model of marriage website should play like this Differential pricing return personal



] Introduction to current domestic dating sites is to block the communication fees as the main source of income, it will inevitably lead to male and female income spell spell appearance, while the rich handsome and white Formica is very rare, the majority of the members that he is "soy sauce". In this article to share this piece of titanium media (and union) of the article, to retain and expand the membership of the marriage market, might as well let love social networking, showing everyone’s highlights, differentiated charges. At the same time, dating sites can also use data information and brand advantage, into the downstream wedding market.

looking for inspiration, dig the dark horse, on hot, copying the nature – here is the dark horse News Agency: 3 years ago, with the popular TV dating show, dating sites frequently appeared in public view, that is when many people predicted dating sites not far away". Homogenization serious, lack of innovation, business model dilemma is the three major criticism. Although the marriage website has gone through nearly 10 years of history, but this prediction is not without reason: a large number of online dating sites have closed down, the main focus of the marriage market in the hands of several big two or three.

now, even a few large dating website giant also time to respond, "I am not a white Formica, I am not rich handsome, and how those photos show, show the income of men and women competition" the question. After experiencing explosive growth, more and more members of the marriage website issued a similar complaint. In other words, if you can not let each sincere friends of the people and the new social platform talent shows itself, such "network rival" the impact of those unable to "grass root" members probably will vote with their feet. This is the traditional marriage website must face the crisis.

from the current exploration and research, to retain members and expand marriage market, must keep up with the needs of members, with the characteristics of the Internet, let love social networking, to show everyone the bright spots; on the other hand, can implement the differential pricing, to enhance the member’s concern, reflect the ultimate justice. To increase membership, expanding membership base adhesive.

at the same time, dating sites if you can better integration of online and offline resources, not only can continue to expand the marriage market, using membership data and brand advantages, will be started to enter thousands of billion yuan output value of the downstream of the wedding market.

social networking marriage: show everyone’s highlights

a lot of single users think they can not be the protagonist of the marriage website. In fact, this judgment is questionable. If the marriage site does not allow ordinary people to realize, then the commercial necessity is close to death. The marriage registration website from the user point of view, the so-called rich handsome, white Formica but is very rare, most of them are ordinary people in the eyes of the public.

members believe that soy sauce is the reason is very simple, the main business model of the current domestic marriage website problems. Basically, the main source of income is to block communication charges

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