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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network May 20th news, Dangdang yesterday officially announced the establishment of cross-border business department, take the "cross-border platform mode + self model, aiming at the market and imported baby cosmetics market, by Tian Peigang served as general manager.

in April this year, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing has revealed Dangdang will test the waters of cross-border electricity providers, to take the bonded mode. He was at the time of micro-blog, said the current bonded warehouse mode of cross-border electricity supplier tariffs significantly lower than the import tariff, is a big opportunity."

so-called bonded warehouse, which is used to store the goods in the bonded area of goods without customs duties, such as warehouse warehouse. Goods stored in a bonded warehouse can save a large amount of rental costs, especially when the time is longer, this advantage is more obvious. Because the warehouse storage is cheap, but also in the declaration directly in the customs bonded warehouse towed. As Li Guoqing said: "through the mode of bond can achieve legal compliance, reduce costs, delivery speed is also very fast."

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reports, Dangdang will take "cross-border platform mode + self model, import tax, commodity tax will vat by" (or tariff + + consumption tax), "a variety of tariff into single parcel tax, so it can reduce the price of goods. Dangdang said that the cross-border electricity supplier imports, China’s main import market is the baby market and cosmetics market. Dangdang mother category market share of the industry’s top three trading, while the figure to turn a hundred percent of the child population to provide a natural advantage Dangdang, or will occupy a huge share of the imported baby market.

in 2014, with the national policy to promote Tmall, Amazon and other electricity providers giant admission, domestic cross-border electricity supplier from a walk in the gray area of the sea Amoy, "purchasing" gradually entered the "regular army" in the mainstream market. At the same time, some business cross-border electricity supplier project began to get VCs favor, Sequoia Capital, fund it real, Morningside capital are investment admission.

according to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced the global trade pattern report predicts that in 2016 China’s cross-border electricity supplier import and export volume will grow to 6 trillion and 500 billion yuan, an annual growth rate of over 30%. Cross border electricity supplier and sink into the domestic electricity supplier in 2015 the focus of the force. All sorts of cross-border electricity policy favorable gusts have already at the door, which makes the cross-border electricity supplier entered the fast track of growth, whether Dangdang or Amazon, jumei.com and many other electricity providers the opportunity of natural game player, not to be missed.

electricity supplier analysis, cross-border electricity supplier has become the last piece of blue ocean in the field of B2C, but the heavyweight Fengeng who joined, will let the sea Amoy industry increasingly high threshold. The electricity supplier bigwigs who scouring the sea advantage lies in the user, and the best way to keep the user is a low price, a price war seems inevitable. Giant competition in this area has entered a white hot.

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