Live like wildfire social media marketing platform to accelerate the layout on the red network busin

is in the era of all the people, the new "social media" wave swept. Live show at any time is the anchor itself and the environment, no longer stick to when the means to convey information, and become a new generation of emotional connection, the original ecological stage.

has no kind of Internet products can be so much in such a short time to capture the user: according to the "report" development of Chinese Internet show that as of June 2016, the webcast users reached 325 million, accounting for 45.8% of the total Internet users. Live platform of nearly 300, BAT, 360, NetEase, millet and other giants or investment, or do other live products, or embedded in the original product live function, many industries are trying to explore the live + business model.


live fire burning, why live will suddenly become the new home court of social marketing? What are the well-known social media marketing platform is stepping up the layout of the live on business? From the new list of public numbers, net red list can significantly improve the efficiency of advertisers put



, a live become the logic behind

social media marketing darling

live is a "new species of social media", the so-called "social" refers to the network of social products or SNS community, including content producers (professional or amateur anchor anchor), the content of consumers (eat melon masses), virtual currency (such as tickets, reflecting shells), managers (scale inspector), level of growth system (such as star, drill, etc.) to form a "virtual reality" of the world.

communication has always been the cornerstone of enterprise brand marketing, so the "social media" from the perspective of the market has also been referred to as "social marketing" has become a social marketing position of mature micro-blog, the public number, circle of friends. After all the attention in the fragmentation, the spheres of interest from the media today, on the big V is high traffic security, has a large number of fans, the public, grassroots large to enjoy the content of entrepreneurship bonus. The burst of red broadcast quickly became the focus of many companies, especially Internet Co competing to put the reasons for the following three points:

(1): YY high flow, beauty shot, reflected off the platform to train a group with millions of fans head anchor, anchor and fans live appearance to make friends, more infectious personality and sensory impact, expand warmth in the entertainment marketing interactive atmosphere can by surprise.

(2): high price some public number strong premium has let advertisers stand fans around 200 thousand vertical public offer ranging from 10 thousand to 30 thousand yuan, or even headlines soft microphone Mongolia as high as about 600000; the majority of the public number into the "stagflation", open rate is worse than before. In the early orders and broadcast, stronger bargaining ability of enterprises.

(3) platform tolerance: WeChat platform for the sale of large generally do not give the original logo, and in the live, the anchor can be straight gas

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