Short rent originator Airbnb outbound market entry by reverse Chinese

[Abstract] there will be more and more people in China in the future to start their first international trip, which is a potential user of Airbnb.


Tencent technology Zhu Xudong reported on March 31st

speaking of online travel, Airbnb is definitely the most dazzling star in recent years. The company was founded in 2008 is almost single handedly created the "short rent" industry, to subvert the past mode of the hotel.

last year, Airbnb released a Chinese version of the page, and began to pay more and more attention to the Chinese market. Its co-founder, CTO Nathan Blecharczyk has twice come to China to participate in the user meeting to understand the Chinese market.

in an exclusive interview with Tencent technology, Nathan said that this year China and the Asian market will be the focus of the development of Airbnb. But Airbnb’s first step in the Chinese market is not local homeowners, but those who travel abroad.

"so we can take full advantage of the advantages of Airbnb globalization, and these tourists experience abroad after the Airbnb service, after returning home will also consider their own idle space rental." Nathan said.

Nathan came to China as early as 2006. At that time, he spent a summer teaching English in Hongkong and Dongguan, this experience allows him to experience the Chinese family life, because many parents will ask him to go home. In 2007, Nathan traveled to China, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Mount Huangshan.

this is before the establishment of Airbnb, and to visit the Chinese family and travel in China, and Airbnb is very relevant. Last December and in January of this year, Nathan has come to China to participate in the Airbnb held by the user is now gathering to listen to the voice of the user to the user at the same time a better introduction to Airbnb.

China market first step: do outbound travel users

The core business of

Airbnb is short rent, that homeowners own spare room or the whole house rented to tourists.

from the money, the owner can get a better return than rent, tenants can enjoy better service at less than the price of the hotel; emotionally, homeowners and tenants will form a link between emotions, allowing both sides to obtain happiness and satisfaction, so although do is short rental business, but Airbnb prefer to call themselves a reception service (Hospitality) company.

now, Airbnb has more than 600 thousand spaces available for rental and rental space is not only a room in the global 192 countries and regions, and features a variety of places, including tree houses, castles, or even the entire island. >

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