CN domain name behind a dollar

online everywhere one yuan CN corn. Seems to be a lot cheaper, careful analysis will know that this is a trap, some businesses even free, what is the purpose? See below, You’ll see.

If you

this domain name fire, unscrupulous businessmen, will sell your own domain name, you have the site, is a domain name by.


bought the domain name, you look at how much is his renewal price? That is 1 yuan a year, the first year of the ah, Comrades, renew the price must ask the buy black JS renewal price, a year renewals price, COM price have more than two years of domain name the figure is better to buy a COM meter. Remember that the CN domain name renewals price higher than 50 yuan, it is not worthwhile to buy a COM. M also just 45-60. Only the price of 40 yuan to renew the CN domain name, bought it cost-effective. Also depends on how much the domain name transferred into fee when I began to understand before, bought a piece of CN corn:, now they had to receive JS of up to 500 yuan out of fees, see the essence of JS. Now I only have a year higher than the purchase price of COM meters.


above personal suggestions, for reference only. Original works: first, please retain

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