Chaoyang today interviewed hungry unlicensed line

"hungry what" really changed it, "tracking, requiring it to effectively fulfill the legal responsibility of the Fengtai commercial and commercial newspaper reported that the investigation of illegal businesses

"3· 15 party exposure, online meal ordering platform" hungry, "a statement, and launched a series of corrective measures. But Beijing Morning Post reporter visits found that suspected unlicensed, false registration address, theft behavior and still there are a lot of photos back to the "hungry" platform. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reports "" hungry "really" changed "?" received extensive attention, Chaoyang District, the administrative appointment today will be "hungry" the Beijing branch of the relevant person in charge, urged "hungry" to fulfill the network trading platform review and registration of legal liability. According to the Beijing Morning Post reported that several restaurants, Fengtai industrial and commercial bureau has been ordered to investigate the territorial commerce and industry.

business requirements of unlicensed


previously, "hungry" several voice, pledged to introduce a series of corrective measures, but half a month later, the Beijing morning news reporter multiple visits found that unlicensed unlicensed shop theft, false registration, photos and other kitchen phenomenon still abound on the platform.

it is reported that hungry what Beijing company registered in Haidian, office in chaoyang. City Administration of industry and Commerce has been designated by the Chaoyang Branch of the industrial and commercial to the hungry, the implementation of territorial supervision. Yesterday, Chaoyang Branch Trade and industry official said, according to the newspaper reported problems in the Chaoyang District Administrative appointments today will be "hungry" the Beijing branch of the relevant person in charge, requests earnestly fulfill its statutory responsibility "measures" in the network transaction management network trading platform, one is to have passed the "undocumented operators hungry" online trading platform, to take immediate measures to ensure that all the assembly line; two is to through the "operator hungry" online trading platform, in strict accordance with the "measures" the provisions of the relevant management network transactions, perform the examination and registration responsibilities, establish and improve the registration records, disclose relevant information; three the platform is to provide goods or services information should be true and accurate, not to make false propaganda and false representation of related promotional materials platform operators, Yan In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations in accordance with the audit and then on-line.

you want to open the Fengtai industrial and commercial


according to the Beijing Morning News reported yesterday mentioned in the "Shanxi delicacy of Xianghe meat pie" and "ghost tooth half sheep scorpions and other merchants, Fengtai industry and Commerce Bureau instructed to investigate the possessions of industry and commerce. Fengtai trade and Industry Bureau official said, because some undocumented restaurant was not registered in the business sector, so law enforcement officers also reported according to the "map".

it is understood that the CCTV "3· 15 party" to "hungry" network platform takeaway exposure, the business sector has been carried out within the jurisdiction of the catering service delivery network platform operators conduct special inspections on acquisition and cooperation platform with a single main room, and check with the actual operation of the main. Check process >

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