Grassroots webmaster should not do five reasons for the Forum

1, the high cost of space, you must have a high profile in order to allow you to run the forum process, the average online forum of 1000 people at least more than 1000 inputs!
2, management is difficult, the forum is interactive, if improper management will have a significant impact on the community, and each moderator is slightly wrong will let you lose a large number of members!
3, filing difficult, the forum needs special filing, like our grassroots webmaster does not matter, no money is certainly not passed!
4, the development of the forum is not attractive, no one will come! And this thing is the need to register, we should know that China’s Internet users are the most lazy, see the registration immediately flash!
5, the post is difficult, because it is interactive, so everyone can post replies, so there will be a lot of advertising, illegal information, light owners will kill you! If you do not delete posts, it is possible that your site is closed!


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