Why KEA can Xiantingxinbu from the electricity supplier craze

in the past 10 years, e-commerce transactions to obtain tens of thousands of times the growth, from unknown to the public to become the mainstream of retail formats, is the crisis of commercial system its disruptive innovation power of the whole traditional enterprises set up hundreds of years of heavy. WAL-MART, best buy, Barnes, Suning, Gome and a large number of traditional retail enterprises caught in the mud, while at the same time they are trying to embrace this trend.

but IKEA seems to be one of them. In the 2013 fiscal year (September 1, 2012 to August 31, 2013, the same below), there are about 1 billion 300 million Internet users visit the IKEA website, this figure increased by nearly 20% over the previous year, while its line store traffic declined by 1%, while IKEA in the fiscal year also added 5 stores. E-commerce seems to be being gradually eroded to the Swedish retail giant Home Furnishing traditional territory, but IKEA’s new CEO Peter Agnefjä ll said in early 2014 interview: Although saw the rapid development of electronic commerce, but at least in the absolute subject to a long period of time to pull the company sales growth is still the store, so the company will continue to focus on the strategic expansion of new stores, instead of electronic commerce. This means that IKEA 2020 sales revenue reached 50 billion euros ($69 billion 400 million) to achieve long-term strategic objectives will mainly rely on the expansion of existing stores and stores. This argument seems to be incompatible with the development of this era, in the past 10 years of the most crazy development of e-commerce, IKEA is accelerating the expansion of the line, the number of stores to achieve an increase of double.

but IKEA’s results seem to prove that this strategy is effective in the short term at least. With the expansion of the line stores, IKEA’s sales in the past 10 years has achieved double growth. 2013 fiscal year, the company’s sales revenue reached 28 billion 500 million euros (about $39 billion 500 million), an increase of 3.2% over the previous year, net profit of $3 billion 300 million (about $4 billion 600 million), an increase of 3.1% over the same period last year. In addition, the 2013 fiscal year, IKEA’s market share in almost every country is on the rise. To know that this increase in the European debt crisis and global economic uncertainty, the situation is very commendable. This business phenomenon makes us ponder, in the electronic commerce to all-powerful the potential to challenge traditional business era, what IKEA can stay out? It can bring the case in other traditional enterprises fear in the reference of what? In the face of the Internet and e-commerce impact, the traditional enterprise inner fear, this time IKEA’s case has its special significance.

why IKEA exposure outside the electricity supplier tide

?Although IKEA

‘s performance is still growing steadily, but the attitude has been to treat the electricity supplier not to say yes or no and slow action has been criticized, but it looks like IKEA does have a proud capital, a special category.

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