The fifth day of the new year’s Eve to receive red envelopes WeChat amounted to 46 billion Guangdong

today, WeChat released the 2017 WeChat Spring Festival data report.


today, WeChat released the WeChat Spring Festival "2017 data report", the report shows, the new year’s Eve to the fifth day, WeChat red transceiver volume reached 46 billion, an increase of 43.3% last year; Hongkong, Taiwan, China China America as the Spring Festival holiday travel outside the most popular destinations, while South Korea become overseas cash free payment up to number of countries.

overseas travel in Hongkong, the hottest, no cash to pay South Korea up to

data show that the new year’s Eve to five at the beginning of the month, 8 million of users choose to travel abroad, China Hongkong, Taiwan, the United States, Japan, China Chinese in Macao during the Spring Festival outbound tourism users become the hottest destination.

it is worth noting that, with the continuous expansion of the territory of WeChat cross-border payments, during the Spring Festival outbound travel WeChat users pay more and more cash. Data show that South Korea, Thailand, China, Hongkong, Japan, Taiwan, China, the Spring Festival to become the hottest five countries outside the WeChat / region.

Spring Festival Red transceiver number up to 46 billion, Guangdong and Hunan people love most

WeChat red from the inside "little fun" to today’s "New Year custom", through the four Spring Festival, has become a new tool for emotional expression instead of greeting cards, paper envelopes. Data show that the new year’s Eve to the fifth day, WeChat Spring Festival Red transceiver reached number 46 billion, an increase of 43.3% last year. Among them, Guangdong sent the most red envelopes to Hunan, followed by Hunan – Guangdong, Guangdong – Guangxi, Guangxi – Guangdong, Beijing -.

in addition, Guangdong is more than 5 billion 840 million red envelopes to send and receive a few far ahead, as the Spring Festival, red envelopes". Followed by the 2 billion 930 million Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei, the 2 billion 420 million, the 2 billion 420 million in the.

and red envelopes from the age of the flow of view, the red envelopes between peers often more active, 80, 90 is the main force of the red army. During the Spring Festival, between 80 and 80 after the maximum number of red hair, followed by the hair between 90 and 90, 80 – 90, after 70 between the hair, 90 – 80 followed by.

interesting is that this year’s new year red envelopes between men to reach 32.4%, while women are among the hair of each other, the number of red envelopes issued by men accounted for 24.6%, women were sent to men was 17.5%, the number of women was about 25.5%.

Spring Festival look hot, audio and video calls become a new way of pay New Year’s call

this Spring Festival, WeChat expression and audio and video call feature has become the most convenient tool for users to express the new year’s blessing, share the joy of the new year. Data show that the new year’s Eve to the fifth day, WeChat users sent 16 billion times including 37% expression, expression by 90 users issued a micro.

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