WeChat training plus a new founder of powder seems to be really caught

according to the surging news reports, although Shenzhen police have not confirmed, but there are signs that the "largest WeChat powder company founder Liu Dengpan has a new rookie sometime in December 2014 was taken away by the police.

(January 2015) on the 11 day at 19:30, the surging news came to Shenzhen is located in the Longhua new city road plum hill new rookie company. The propaganda bar at the gate of the company "micro sites, micro operation, micro fans" slogan is still there, but the office is a quhei.

"Liu Dengpan was arrested, the whole community knows." Many residents of the surging news that around December 19, 2014 morning, twenty or thirty police came to the company, about 20 people were taken away in the afternoon, including Liu Dengpan. "He’s been in the neighborhood for over a year, and we all know him."


report of the new rookie is introduced: the new rookie is ranked first in the machine plus powder service providers, the company increased the fans have a more professional process, including data acquisition, WeChat open, information push, automatic powder etc..

Has been removed from the QQ marketing and marketing circle

Liu Dengpan for over 10 years, there is a set of so-called "down to earth" marketing practices.

online suspected new rookie PR article wrote:

rookie in December 13 – 5 – 6 opened the first thousand people conference, WeChat opportunities". From membership to WeChat interactive techniques, and the latest WeChat business, is to share more membership membership on dry cargo, classic case. New rookie took the most solid step.

sitting in the audience is not only admiring audience, there are many specifically for this event to come from entrepreneurs, warm applause cheers can be heard without end, passion and cheerful music makes people as one falls, another rises, for joy and cheer.

Since the new

rookie was founded more than a year, by virtue of its unique national major industry resources database, strong support of big data with 1 billion huge base as the base of the national accurate customer data and so on, through the two big puleses WeChat marketing "for the industry to entrepreneurial elite".

did not think of what Chen Anzhi, but the name of the new rookie is the name of the traditional line of WeChat membership marketing, or even MLM that set.

China grassroots business, there has never been a number of such large fortunes, many fans blame the God of gods and spirits.

in 2014, the new rookie also launched a national plan to join. But I did not expect just wings not long, people went in.

previously reported Biannews (this article has been deleted), said

insiders said that the new rookie Liu Dengpan a massive mass of information enterprises rely on WeChat to pull the main free classes, each meeting marketing scale can reach hundreds of people, in addition to the company to sell software collect membership, its members became promotion personnel, according to the traditional enterprise boss charged "

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