Jingdong and the home of the car behind the marriage who borrow the potential

on Friday, within a day, has come to Jingdong and Tesla, the car reached a strategic cooperation relationship. Among them, the more people on the Jingdong in collaboration with Tesla interested, however, in addition to occasion Tesla hot to do publicity, has little practical significance of this cooperation, because the actual distance from the public Tesla far, Jingdong and the car home cooperation is more close to the market.

vehicle sales obvious short board Jingdong need to take advantage of

announced on the morning of the strategic cooperation between Jingdong and the home of the car, came the news of the strategic cooperation between Jingdong and Tesla, which greatly stole the limelight of the car home and Jingdong cooperation. The subsequent news confirmed that Tesla did reach a partnership with Jingdong, but only the procurement of office supplies and other materials agreement, does not involve car sales. This Oolong news, Jingdong and praise Tesla so many onlookers know the truth about that in the best of spirits, ignoring the Jingdong and the car home cooperation value.

I it, even if the Jingdong in collaboration with Tesla relates to vehicle sales, is currently not entirely practical, and castles in the air, and the car home cooperation is more practical, more maneuverability, it has a direct effect on the short board reinforcement Jingdong vehicle sales.

Jingdong at the end of 12 on-line auto supplies channel, but has not been involved in vehicle sales, and Jingdong’s main rival Tmall has been trying to sell the car. Electricity supplier in the automotive market increasingly mature today, it is necessary to complement the short board of the Jingdong, in advance to prepare for the future market outbreak.

auto accessories and vehicle sales are totally different, automotive supplies are more suitable for B2C mode, vehicle sales must be in the form of O2O. Compared to absorb all kinds of business models in the Tmall platform to run by the Jingdong at present can not be independently operated vehicle sales problem, so the need for a strong partner, the first flag tree vehicle sales up to the industry, and the formation of Jingdong involved in vehicle sales cognition. The occasion also listed soon, thunder official car home Jingdong is preferred.

however, the Jingdong and the car home is just a strategic partnership, this relationship can maintain how long is not to say that the pharmaceutical business platform before the Jingdong and good pharmacists can joint strategic partnership is part company each going his own way, more vulnerable, is likely to be only temporary car home to Jingdong, later will not rule out the possibility of self built channels. Even in cooperation with Tesla news may be coming from Jingdong, the purpose is to attract attention to the sales of cars, this kind of occasion hot walking marketing routine is very common.

car mall on the car before the car needs traffic

mutual benefit, car home is in the occasion of Jingdong. The car home is low-key tests will be officially launched its business platform "car mall", therefore, also need a strong promotional platform, relying on Jingdong flow advantage started the car mall platform is car home mind.

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