Dimension statistics fooled everyone

I don’t know why you want to delete our article, but I just want to make a point. If you delete can only show that you have a relationship with the station.

if my judgment is wrong, it will be fair for you to release it.

today to figure the king stood to see an article: Statistics market undercurrent, statistical dimension won a $1 million angel investment


began to feel a little more convinced. But after reading carefully think about. Feel a little impossible..

Chinese Academy of Sciences to study the statistical system to do.. Say at. This technology can not be used in the outside how to use..

plus $1 million angel investment, the spectrum is not a how others will invest ah.. Ha-ha。 Feel funny..

in search of the news of the Baidu, no news, in the investigation of the next dimension Statistics (www.vdoing.com) of the domain name information.

was registered this year.

Registrant Contact:


Bo Zhou [email protected]

01062935176 fax: 01062935176


Beijing Beijing 100085


registered mailbox is actually used 126.. Ha-ha。。。 So important will use 126 of the mailbox? The Chinese Academy of Sciences does not have its own mailbox system?

then looked at the DNS he used, and it was a peanut shell.




hehe… Ask about.. Investment 100W dollars thing will be used to analyze the peanut shell… This is the first time I see..

above is my analysis… Dimension statistics is completely deceptive. Everybody was fooled….

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