Group entrance fee for the first time open

Business Daily News (reporter Chong Xiaomeng) has been to buy the industry, can not say the secret of the first entry fee. The reporter learned yesterday, from the beginning of the end of June, Juhuasuan has added to the process from "Application – – – – the head of the second instance trial schedule, changes to the" Registration – check – auction schedule, artificial operation factors to reduce audit period. This was also seen as the industry is responsible for the investment of the "second" Juhuasuan (Taobao employees) after the self reform and innovation. At the same time, Juhuasuan shelves mode adjustment, but also to buy the industry’s entry fee system for the first time. This is likely to lead the industry profit model change.

Juhuasuan determined to reform, is the development of enterprises encountered problems. Last year, there is no standard, even a "second" seeking illegitimate interests spate of reports about Juhuasuan in the investment process. After the joint investigation department, the compliance department and other departments, has found that some facts, part of the "second" serious violations, or even violate the law. March of this year, the former general manager of Juhuasuan Yan Limin due to management loopholes caused by illegal merchants was dismissed. Alibaba said that the rapid expansion of Juhuasuan business, but the team’s management and institutional norms are relatively lagging behind.

currently, Juhuasuan’s shelf process has been changed to bidding mode. According to the information provided by users: Juhuasuan in July 16th on the line of digital home appliances pit turnover of over 30 thousand yuan; food pit over $60 thousand; skin care pit turnover is as high as $171 thousand and 400. In the "anti-corruption", "second" Juhuasuan charge on benefits fee is generally 50 thousand yuan -8.

Zhang Yu, general manager of Juhuasuan through personal micro-blog response, auction results vary widely, there are thousands of cases, a few million transactions, but also the flow of the project.

Juhuasuan’s reform let Taobao into two sellers. Taobao, a home shop seller said, engage in the auction, what is the significance of the increase in costs will be passed on to consumers". But there are sellers agree that a bathroom company responsible person believes that the auction model is very fair. Because only the quality and service to do better than others, businesses will be favored by the market.

the latter opinion got more people’s response. A group of people in the industry said that after the change of the rules, the seller of Juhuasuan products can be determined by their own on-line. Previously, the business of the power of life and death "most of the hands of the" second "hands, now is a business in the use of market acceptance to vote. In his view, compared with the previous multiple audit model, the auction model has been significantly improved.

fact, model innovation compared to Juhuasuan, group purchase industry for the first time the secret can not be said to enter the public is more concerned about the industry fees.

according to the reporter survey, almost all domestic first-line buy site collection phenomenon exists, but mostly for the project manager’s personal behavior, the amount is generally between 3000 yuan -1 million. However, the vast majority of the group is responsible for

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