Windows to brush circle of friends Microsoft will open WeChat mall


] January 28th news billion state power network, billion state power network that Microsoft official mall will launch WeChat mall in the WeChat platform on the morning of February 2nd 8, this is the first time Microsoft community platform official retail channel layout.  

It is reported that Microsoft

, WeChat mall, WeChat wallet in addition to bind the bank card payment services, also launched Twitter Life, micro journals and other content, covering product introduction, technical service, technical support and sales promotion etc.. Meanwhile, WeChat mall is still within a certain range of 30 days no reason to return and limited warranty service for 2 years.

in addition, the mall will be launched on the occasion of the line coupons, limit discounts and the whole point spike and other activities.

According to

Microsoft China billion state power network to understand, as early as in 2012 October on the launch of the online store, the expansion of the online market for hardware products. March 2013, Microsoft China’s official flagship store landing Tmall, and through online chat functions to provide pre-sales and after-sales service.

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