To check the child pornography website FB black into 120 countries in the world nearly 8000 compute

Beijing on November 24th news, according to foreign media reports, FBI in January this year was to carry out a "unprecedented" hacker action, the agency used a warrant to access more than 1000 suspected child pornography users implanted malicious software. Now a document shows that the scale of the action is actually in another order of magnitude.


according to court documents, FBI in the case of the Communist Party of China received more than 8000 IP addresses, black into the world’s 120 countries computer. This is by far the largest known law enforcement agency hacking activities, naked display of the future of cyber security criminal cases may look like. The news comes as the United States prepares to change rules that allow local judges to authorize large-scale cyber hacking, no matter where they are in the world.

"as far as I know, in the history of our country did not have a warrant spread so widely," the federal public defender Colin · Feynman at a hearing at the end of October said. According to the documents, is affected by the Feynman cases in the digital publication of the speech of the defendant.

these cases are related to the FBI survey of child pornography website Playpen. In 2015, FBI seized the site, but the agency did not immediately shut it down, but on a government server for 13 days on the operation of the. However, while FBI has access to the site’s administrative control, but it can not see the real IP address of Playpen users, because users usually use the Browser browser (Tor browser) to visit the site.

in order to circumvent these anonymous tricks, FBI deployed its so-called NIT technology, or a malicious software. It contains an onion browser vulnerability, any user access to Playpen specific child pornography, it can be hacked into these computers.

, according to court documents, FBI received more than 1000 U.S. users IP address. In addition, FBI also black into Australia, Austria, Chile, Columbia, Greece, Turkey, Britain and Norway and other countries in at least 120 countries.

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