Shang goods network Zhao Shicheng first convince yourself to convince others


Luxuries network founder and CEO Zhao Shicheng (David Zhao) talked about how he survived the China electricity crisis, and in the BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) between the three giants, will build a network of commercial Chinese most successful fashion luxury light vertical electricity supplier website.

After a visit to the Amazon warehouse China

Beijing, Zhao Shicheng (David Zhao) decided to return to business, is committed to creating a in his mind panhuan a long business website. In the view of David Zhao, then Chinese fashion business like a piece of fertile soil, as long as the efforts will be fruitful. But he did not have any experience in fashion, so he chose to have more resources to save the curve of the national entrepreneurial route.

in 2005, he founded the surplus day news company, creating a new e-commerce outsourcing model. He offers a full range of business outsourcing services for domestic banks was just emerging credit card mall, VIP mall management provides customers for Minsheng Bank, Huaxia Bank China, construction bank and other famous commercial banks. The number of bank VIP customers, strong purchasing power as Luxuries net of the first batch of core users, brings the average customer price more than 2000 yuan for this website in early 2010, and each quarter to maintain the growth rate of 200%.

at the same time, David Zhao spent more time in the formation of Luxuries network team, he realized that "fashion" is the only core Luxuries network, therefore, from the traditional fashion retail industry executives have a large proportion: once for Christie’s work and founded the designer fashion shopping site Claire Chung is responsible for LuxeHome network of global affairs development, has authorized cooperation for many well-known brands for it; once in Lane Crawford, I.T., Winnie Foon department stores as buyers become Luxuries net global brand purchasing vice president, to ensure that the Luxuries net goods and fashion the perfect China consumer preferences fit.

professional team not only for the LuxeHome network to bring investment, Lei Jun, become firm and Morningside venture capital injection, but also makes the Luxuries network dedicated to contact with the brand more cooperation, become the domestic brand authorized up to the highest quality is also a fashion electricity supplier website. At present, Lanvin, Diesel, MCM, Juicy, Couture and other famous brands have become Luxuries network partners, and always take a cautious attitude to enter the China Topshop, and LuxeHome network cooperation, make it become the only Topshop in the Chinese online shopping channel.

do you think the product is now closer to the foreign network which is a fashion electricity supplier website

?There are some

like Shopbop, because it is based on the buyer, are sold.

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