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by the end of March 1st, including 365 lottery lottery, lottery and NetEase, Taobao QQ lottery, almost all of the website selling color, are selling all kinds of color, with the Internet lottery sales pilot license, has been in the United States listed 500 lottery network also shut down part of the sale of color business. Lottery website official said, the Internet lottery was halted, and the industry has a great relationship with corruption.

in fact, China’s lottery business in the management of confusion has long been a social consensus. The recent Chinese delay welfare lottery lottery, once again opened a corner of this industry chaos of the iceberg.


January 25th, Chinese welfare lottery color ball 2015011 lottery suddenly canceled without prior notice. On the evening of the same day, about 23:40, in the official micro-blog suddenly announced Shuangseqiu 2015011 winning numbers, this let the majority of lottery have questioned said on the winning results.

lottery official argument is given the data index system is abnormal, failed to complete the data collection and data transmission in a timely manner. However, there are tens of billions of annual national lottery fees, extracted from a drop in the bucket, are sufficient to ensure the system around the lottery center maintenance and construction required. However, in the face of the frequent occurrence of frequent technical accidents, we would like to know: the issue of the cost of the pockets of those who have been


in accordance with the relevant provisions of lottery sales have a clear purpose: the rate of return to the lottery shall not be less than 50%, the issue fee shall not be higher than 15%. Can the welfare lottery center in the actual implementation, the proportion of lottery funds forced as: 50% is reserved for the prize pool, issuance costs accounted for 15%. Obviously, this is a deliberate misinterpretation of the relevant provisions.

in addition, China’s lottery management regulations and other norms have long pointed out: with the expansion of the lottery and the increase in the size of the issue, can reduce the proportion of lottery issuance fees. With the basic equipment to complete the purchase, and the popularity of electronic lottery network, this requirement can be fully honored. But due to lack of binding regulations, in the past 10 years, the main varieties of China lottery issuance costs rose by more than 7 times, and the purchase of rent-seeking interests occurred during the chaos, shocking. Zhang Wei, former deputy director of the national lottery center during the purchase lottery special thermal paper, artificially increase the link, transfer of high procurement, resulting in the loss of 23 million 410 thousand yuan of lottery fees. No wonder that many people think that China’s welfare lottery industry did not do its welfare, instead of becoming ATM corruption "".

today, the relevant departments to the network sale of color sword, shows that the problem of corruption has spread to the traditional line under the line, but the biggest risk is that a lot of network sale of color false ticket, no real transaction. They make full use of the paperless lottery network risk, making all sorts of chaos in the sales of asymmetric information, incomplete data, supervision is not clear, and the precipitation of lottery funds through without real transactions, even appeared some lottery.

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