Research China buy site daily coverage of more than 10 million users

NetEase Francisco September 17th message, according to iResearch latest data show that the end of August 2010, the number of daily coverage beyond 10 million group purchase. Since the purchase category into the monitoring, the rapid rise in the index, the number of daily coverage has been close to the top three e-commerce category.

July 2010, buy for the first time as an independent segment of e-commerce services into the iUserTracker monitoring range. By the end of August, group purchase the number of daily coverage from 3 million 619 thousand up to 10 million 3 thousand people, the cumulative growth of 176.4%, 7 to August week average growth rate of 16.8%. In mid July, buy service appeared a blowout period, the weekly growth rate surged to 58.9%.


it is worth noting that there is a significant difference between the user access habits and other categories of e-commerce: a high proportion of day visits and a single page of effective browsing time is low. IResearch analysts believe that the business model is the main reason for the purchase of this unique access habits. Group purchase website through cheap goods or services quickly gathered a large number of users, and in every group the pattern seize a group of loyal users, resulting in the number of daily coverage and high monthly coverage is limited, the proportion of high return today. In addition, group purchase website content is simple, users only need to spend a little time to browse the number of pages can satisfy their information needs, so the per capita single page browsing time and page views per single index is low.

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