Requirements and key points of local industry portal using CMS

V6, the previous version of a business module V5, I have no installation, online test, feeling the business system is better than the Yellow Pages module PC some feel more suitable for local site use.

I had sent a post to investigate what we do with P8 station. See the vote to the majority of the industry station, local portal. My station is a local industry portal station, 2 years. Although I know very little, but I would like to talk about my ideas.

is now a lot of CMS are concerned, the business section but really can be very little practical. I think the real business part of the CMS, should be based on the display, sales are secondary, there are a variety of model structure, the freedom to set the field name.

take my station as an example, I am a decorative portal, local. Here, may be involved in the decoration of enterprises and building materials enterprises in the business section of this requires a completely different two model structure. Decoration company to display its design renderings, design cases. Building materials enterprises to display their goods, so they decided to make a different model of the effect of the final show to everyone. Custom field names, the importance is also very important (V5 business functions can be achieved), such as building materials may be related to the different fields will be different. So that users can choose their own categories, and determine their nature.

local industry portal or local portal sites, business yellow pages of ordering goods of the basic didn’t use what. If in the city, basically do not need to order online or online purchase. Relatively speaking, you can increase the buy function. The awareness of the group is now being more and more respected, can be bought in the local website can become an independent module operation, instead of mall system. I think very few people can do a Taobao, the city is still an important point of the display as well, PC in the 2007 edition of the morning module added a shopping cart.

            I feel that it is a purely furnishings, no use (of course, this is only my personal opinion), I tested ECSHOP, feel it inside there is a multi function: introduction. I think this is necessary, the local commerce system is important to the customer display to stimulate each other’s consumption concept, or the enterprise own interpretation tool, I want to see more users in the local business website after the show will go to see the actual goods, but not blindly online transactions. A summary of Taobao is to facilitate the users to buy and set up the platform, the local commerce website system is to facilitate the users to find and set up the platform, so as the user needs to provide more P8 display, more display functions, if it is better trading platform with the B2B program should be


and the priority among priorities is the template of personalized design, now Internet enterprises is homely food, many companies do not want to choose >

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