Rural electricity supplier survey slogans in some areas but actually bleak

rural electricity supplier market seems to be an open box of hope, lit the fire of the electricity supplier giants and rural consumers. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters during the Spring Festival for rural electricity supplier market survey, rural consumers for electricity providers this format is not unfamiliar, even if the national poverty areas, but also the electricity supplier figure. At present, the rural electricity providers are peibenzhuanyaohe, expand the market stage, mainly used to buy and sell, but because the logistics inconvenience, consumer interest is not high, some generation operation business is bleak, in a state of neglect. However, in rural areas below 35 years of age in the new generation of consumer groups, low threshold and social attributes of mobile providers began to be favored. The distance between them and the new generation of consumers is shrinking.


slogan loud actually desolate

Heilongjiang Mingshui county Spark village

development level: * * * * *

acceptance: * * * * *

services: * * * * convenience to

from the Beijing Road North more than 1 thousand and 396 kilometers, came to the village of spark Mingshui County town of Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province, prosperity. Compared with the penetration of electricity providers everywhere in Beijing, electricity providers in this format is still in the bud. Including rural Taobao and several local electricity supplier platform are stepping up the development of this piece of demand seems extremely exuberant "virgin land".

rural Taobao ads almost everywhere in Mingshui county each villages, but for the online shopping platform, spark village local villagers have said little demand. The village committee relevant responsible person said, spark village currently has 13 teams, a total of about 400 households, 1300 people.


Taobao in July last year in the layout of the site, with a computer, a television set and connected to the network, to provide online shopping services for spark village. However, the site has changed hands several times in a closed state. According to the person in charge, when the rural Taobao site just opened promised to provide door-to-door service for each purchase of agricultural products in Taobao village, "this service very attractive, because the courier company will be delivered to the general online shopping products in a township, the villagers receiving still need to pass more than and 10 kilometers away from mentioning, online shopping is very inconvenience".

however, the local villagers are still accustomed to farming on the eve of organized travel to the county (or further Mingshui county) capital center directly buy fertilizers, seeds and other agricultural products. Born in 1988, Mr. Meng said the villagers, for the majority of the villagers, a year in a large-scale purchase of seeds, fertilizer, direct to home online shopping is convenient, but still worried that the price is too high or fake. According to the Beijing Business Daily reporter, the current network of people in the village is limited to tens of thousands of households after 80, 90 villagers, the rest of the people will be online shopping as a new thing, but occasionally try.

rural logistics and distribution is slow

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