China’s total 7 million 520 thousand of the world’s total number of the world’s second Hongkong rank

IDC network ( on 06 August 03 report: according to the latest data, as of March 3, 2014, the total Chinese domain has increased to 7520150, second only to the United States, ranking second in the world, a new beginning of February nearly 170 thousand, up to 169453. China Hongkong, the total number of domain names registered for 790089, a net decrease of 1527, the total number of domain names ranked the world’s top fifteenth. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the world’s most recent Top20 domain name data.

(Figure 1) global countries / regions of the total map of the domain name (as of 2014-3-3)

as shown in Figure 1, in the global domain name market, the United States alone, the advantage is obvious, the total number of its domain has exceeded 80 million. The remaining 19 countries or regions are less than the total domain name of 10 million. China ranked second, Hongkong ranked No. fifteenth.

(Figure 2) global countries / regions ranked

as shown in Figure 2, in February, the total global domain name on the list, the top twenty countries are: the United States, Germany, Britain, China, Canada, France, Japan, Australia, Spain, the Cayman Islands, Holland, Turkey, Italy, Hongkong, South Korea in Asia, India, Denmark, Brazil, Russia and sweden.

in the statistics, the total amount of the domain name has been increased to 80967759, the highest in the world, the domain name market list, a new 331388 in early February. Chinese domain total of up to 7520150, a net increase of 169453. Germany ranked third, the domain name for the total of 6533144, the United Kingdom, such as 4751865.

at the end of the 2 week (February 24th -3 3) domain net increase in the amount of contrast, the vast majority of the national domain showing negative growth, only 4 national domain growth is good. Among them, the largest increase in China’s domain name, up to 53464, the second time in the United States, for the 40261, Holland added 1689, Japan added 701.

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