The construction of my campus website

      do this site, so far there is no source of profit! By the Communist Youth League school funding to buy the wave of server! At that time, I feel the traffic has been very good, and reached the general level of the school! The total amount of IP, not the forum, there should be a total of 4WIP (not Forum), pV is about IP*10, it does not boast!

      although flow is very general, but do share some experience with you />  station
      1, to have the consciousness of service, in fact, most of the students, especially students, is the beginning of a rookie, such as some say the plug-in coralqq in fact, to tell the truth, it is a white, cause a step by step next, we combine the forum, these problems put forward and conclusion, as a result, the forum and to the site more students!
      2, to control problems, students are a lot of software to upload, and my team is responsible for finishing it, for students in the forum upload, and other services, we have to give better treatment, although this is early hands-on background!
      3, and the school to do a good job, perhaps you do not believe that this site almost closed, the specific reason why…. One is the school students said there is a virus (may be registered machine problems, including just mentioned coralqq macafee virus began to be false), another reason is that with our computer department students will (I was the Department of Computer Science), and had a download speed (I hope is the heart of a gentleman villain of the abdomen, but they set up a school, the computer center is to give me a call, said the virus, IP), but we should letter we argue, are free to download the protective measures, and the purpose of the software, because most of them are teaching resources, the only software development school (a little too much so we are free to download), but also engage in a propaganda, let everyone know that the computer center said, some students are called white, some say the computer center, directly in one step That download speed and their relationship (in our arsenal, I did not know that I have this to say it), the results of this thing settle a matter by leaving it unsettled!
      4, others eat meal, others work, skilled work, the school web site traffic has been not very high, so let us the homepage they (with jump), I began to use IP directly to the jump, usually more than and 10 people of the Communist Youth League that day, IP to the 8000 mark, the League teacher is very happy, but.

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