Remediation nternet vulgar wind special action conference held in Beijing

CCTV reporter Jiao Ying reports:

The special action of wind

regulation of the Internet vulgar work conference today (6) held in Beijing, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the Secretariat, the Central Propaganda Department Minister Liu Yunshan presided over the meeting.

heads of relevant departments attended the meeting.

meeting pointed out that the special rectification action since the beginning of a month, has achieved remarkable results, online pornography and vulgar content significantly reduced, the network culture environment has been significantly improved. As of February 5th, has closed 1635 websites, closing pornographic blog 217, public criticism of the site 86, delete pornographic and vulgar information about 4000000, the public security organs for investigation of Internet pornography 95 criminal cases, uncovered 47 cases. All sectors of the community, including the vast number of Internet users to give a high degree of evaluation, generally reflect the special rectification action real, effective, popular.

the meeting stressed that further efforts should be made to the project and foundation persevere to catch it, a catch, catch effect, prevent a gust of wind, do not shake off pornographic websites according to law, law against cyber crime without mercy. To carry out an inspection of the situation before the renovation period, resolutely exposure ineffective, completely indifferent for remediation, a severe blow to transform website and reopened to make only superficial changes. To the mobile web site, video site membership area, chat rooms, instant messaging groups, video download services into the scope of remediation, to maximize the spread of pornographic and vulgar content of online communication space. To strengthen the regulatory responsibility of network access service providers, telecom operators and network access service providers have specialized departments and personnel responsible for supervision, timely treatment of public reporting. We must cut the pornographic websites for the survival of the interests of the chain, comprehensive inventory and standardize the mobile phone and fixed phone for a site collection service. To regulate the online advertising business behavior, to provide advertising, links and other promotional services for pornographic websites to be severely punished. To mobilize the enthusiasm of all sides, through the joint efforts of the whole society, to create a healthy network environment.

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