Webmasters do not forget to check links every day

Baidu recently in a cramp, site your station, see the collection included millions of pages, while hundreds of pages, see my little darling "plop plop jump". Really test the heart of the bear ability!

in the course of the development of the site, do friendship is a matter of course, is also essential. Especially for new sites, bad links for the impact of the station is not large, although because the friends of the chain was K station, and no authoritative description. But experienced webmaster said it will have an impact. It is said that the search engine also has a description, will be implicated because of the link. And because the chain case is There are plenty of people who K. The importance of Links I do not have to say, then do Links, should be especially careful. Don’t do the link after over every day, don’t forget to do link checking, found in a timely manner to remove dead links!

new sites, in particular, has just been included in the home page Baidu site is best not to be linked with the station has not been included. This may affect your collection and snapshot update time. After the home page to do some more with the website content close to the site. Don’t save map chaos to find independent website links.

do links, reduce the weight of the link page only in the home page, or web site map page links page links. Such links page can also be included in the search engine, but the entire site is only one or two pages of links to the link page. This link structure makes the link page weight is very low. Normal web site structure should be a link page is an integral part of the entire site, should be the same as other pages. For example, the link page is a channel, which is divided into many categories. Then this channel should be the same as other content channels, on all pages have a navigation link, so that the link page to get its weight.

Although some webmaster

on the page to make links page looks like ordinary web pages, but in fact, the use of robots.txt files or meta tags, so that links can not be included in the page. This is one of the reasons why I think PR sometimes has some use. If the web page has PR, at least that the page has been included in the Google. Some webmaster links with the nofollow attribute, sometimes the link is to use the script to. At this time the link is actually not a normal link, and can not pass any weight. Some webmaster do some more subtle, use the JS script, "link" is after the turn, but when the mouse is placed on the link, the browser status bar shows a normal link.

                so unless you go to check his source code, it is difficult to find out that he gave the link is actually turned through the script. Some webmaster in exchange for you to send a link to the email, tell you your web site links have been placed in such as

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