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1 valuation of $7 billion, the U.S. mission has become China’s fourth largest electricity supplier

January 18th, the local life service platform announced the completion of a new round of U.S. $700 million round of financing. U.S. group in this round of financing valuation reached $7 billion, which means that the company has become one of the fourth largest electricity supplier in China after Alibaba, Jingdong and

I come in a throng, the U.S. mission network CEO Wang may have come to the individual business history of distance listed on the dawn of the nearest place. Previously, this name has a bright symbol of intelligent mind door men had a series of the founder of the school network, the domestic network, Fanfou and many other Internet Co, who all have HanHen and eventually. OK, Wang Xing will be the "Dongshan at the" send beauty group, and thus won the "letter of business model".

, however, the United States announced a new round of financing after the announcement, but Wang Xing shouted brake, 2015 and next year, the listing will not be our main goal. If any of the first listed, it basically means that it gave up, surrendered."

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valuation of $7 billion, the U.S. mission has become China’s fourth largest electricity supplier

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U.S. group financing $700 million, after the layout will allow the giant is very wary of  

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2 on the edge of a cliff? Then change domain name price 150 thousand yuan

It is reported,

news January 19th, Ganji brand Larry domain following last month to 6 digit price after the transaction, and yesterday changed with the price of 150 thousand yuan.

this is not the first time the brand name others fall into the hands of the matter, the early years, Ganji was because is enabled, and the 58 city rivals a tear force, also had with another peer network people quarrel.

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on the edge of a cliff? Then changed domain price of 150 thousand yuan  

and WiFi manneungyulsoi Ganji recruitment business cooperation will access the  


3.12306 site to avoid the collapse of the secret: climbed up the Ali cloud

2015 Spring Festival train ticket sales volume hit a record high, while the site operates 12306 railway system did not collapse. Behind this is the cooperation of 12306 and Ali cloud.

2015 spring festival ticket peak day in December 19, 2014.

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